10 Best Things to do in India

A South Asian country which is by area the seventh largest country among all other countries. India is a country which has so much to offer as whenever you will come here, you will always see something different. As without superlatives India is a country which is hard to describe.

India offers mysterious, overwhelming, ancient and awe-inspiring destinations that at least once in the lifetime everyone should visit. For everyone, India has something (i.e) starting from the palaces, forts to the legendary Taj Mahel, man made caves created out of solid mountains. You will also get impressed and amazed by seeing the wonders of India. If you are tired of architecture and history then you can escape yourself and visit national parks where you will see the planet’s most endangered and beautiful animals.

As India is a country which can not be covered in a short time span, you need to have full planning with a good quantity of time to explore India. So, here in this article we will discuss the top 10 best things to do in India which you should not miss in your trip to India.

1. Natraj Dining Hall from Udaipur

Natraj Dining hall is a dining place in local Udaipur. You have seen or taken various thali system foods but this is vastly different from all those thalis. Having this thali will give you an Indian traditional food experience to those people who have never tasted Indian food like foreigners.

The food is served in a huge metal round plate which carries a variety of foods. This place is located in the area of Bapu Bazar. From the city palace it takes 30 min to reach here by walking. Usually it has a huge crowd every day so if you get your place easily then you are the luckiest person. There is no menu card where you actually eat what the natraj cooks for everyone. With a fixed price the food is unlimited so make sure you keep your stomach empty before visiting here. So, Whenever you are planning your trip to Rajasthan, or local Udaipur, then ask your tour agency to include this dining place in your Rajasthan tour packages.

2. Paranthe Wali Gali from New Delhi

In the middle of Chandni chowk market in Delhi this is a famous lane of foods which is the old Delhi heart. As all the shops here usually serve the same dishes which are unique stuffed parathas in Delhi style. You can also understand it as a flatbread prepared from the dough of wheat and from both sides it is lightly fried.

The best part is they use their main stuffing ingredient as potatoes which they used to mix with various other things that you can’t even imagine. There are some famous shops which have been there for the last 100 years. Don’t forget to visit here whenever you are in Delhi or planning your tour to Delhi. You will have the wonderful experience of various tasty meals and numerous parathas.

3. Great Wall of India from Kumbhalgarh

After the greatest wall of China this is the second largest wall. Around Kumbhalgarh fort this wall is spread all over 22 miles which is in the Rajsamand of India. This wall is around 500 years old, that is the time when the fort was built. The best past is both this Fort and the wall has safeguarded all together 300 historical ancient temples.

This is an absolutely must visiting place and an important thing to do in India. To climb this huge wall you need to be fit as it takes 40 min to climb. The suggestion we would like to give is that you should hire a guide here  as they will tell you the history of this amazing UNESCO heritage site and this will help you to climb easily.

4. Ajanta Caves from Maharashtra

An UNESCO world heritage site which is an mind-blowing and absolutely a unique place to visit and a most important thing to do in India. It carries a chamber which has 29 hand-carved series. This has been created or been cut out from a rock which is almost 76 metres in Ajanta. Around a period span from 2AD to around 6BC it has been carved out from the rock by Buddhist monks painstakingly.

Every cave here tells about the precious lives of Buddha’s through the jataka paintings. As this is a must-watch place in Mumbai along with the caves telling stories, the ceilings are decorated beautifully with floral and geometrical patterns.

5. Ellora Caves from Maharashtra

This Ellora caves in Maharashtra cover an area of over 2 square kilometres. It is an essential viewing point for all visitors. This cave consists of a collection of jainist, brahmanism and Buddhism temples altogether there are 34 temples. All these temples are hand made (i.e) all the temples are hand-chiselled from mountains and decorated with wonderful art works.

It is quite similar to Ajanta caves and between the 5th and 10th century all the temples here were created. All these temples and their pillars speak the story about the religion which is unknown to most people. You will be shocked by seeing the architure which was done in those times with limited resources. While planning you can cover both Ajanta and Ellora caves on the same day of your trip to Maharashtra.

6. Hampi from Karnataka

Isn’t it an attractive name? Just like its name, it is a very beautiful, ancient and unique place to visit. Things that make it different from other places is that you can’t change anything in hampi (i.e) the government doesn’t allow any construction over there that makes it a UNESCO world heritage site,you have to live there according to their living style.

As this city is a capital of Vijayanagara Empire. This is a place for those who love architecture as you will see geometric designs and stunning buildings. Here you will also visit the fabulous Virupaksha temple and lotus Mahal are the places which will be a cherry on the cake for your visit to Hampi. You can reach here by Hubli via road or by overnight train from Bangalore.

7. Raj Mandir Cinema from Jaipur

Most of you have heard about Raj Mandir Cinema from your parents or grandparents and some of you have visited this Raj Mandir Cinema in your childhood. The concept of this Cinema was there in most cities but as the time passed all vanished but history and culture should be there to motivate others how our old generation has survived. So, Jaipur has kept this Raj Mandir Cinema to give you the same experience which your old generation has taken.

This is a cinema which was opened in 1976 to catch bollywood films. Visiting this cinema is a fabulous experience you will ever have. Watching a movie here will give you an experience of watching a live premier with comfortable seats and wonderful staff. So make sure you visit here as this will give you a wonderful experience among all other things you do in India.

8. Kukki’s Cave Paintings from Bundi

You might have heard about the Kukki story on your tour to Rajasthan or by some other people as this is a beautiful little town in Rajasthan. This is about a story of a man who was not that educated and did not have any background in archaeology but he ended up discovering the best cave paintings. He has created such paintings like ruined monuments, structures of his own, some paintings are of hunting scenes. It is believed that this painting is 15,000 years old.

Along with the paintings, Kukki is absolutely wonderful as it tells various endless stories of his work and life. Also it teaches you the history of religion. If you are in Bundi then it is not an avoidable thing to do.

9. The Root Bridges Cherrapunji from Nongriat

For all enquiring minds and for the people who love to see engineering and innovation, this root bridges cherrapunji is a most fascinating place. As per the necessity this bridge is created by utilising the roots of the ficus elastica rubber tree. This was created to help the people to cross the rivers in this area.

The most unique thing here is all the young roots are manipulated to be grown in a specific direction so that they can become strong and long enough to form a bridge. Reaching to see this bridge is also an adventure as you have to do hiking for 90 min through a jungle from Cherrapunjee resort.

10. Bandipur National Park from Karnataka

Bandipur National park is a heroic park as it is one of the best India’s attractive and managed national park. In the western ghat mountains it approximately covers an area of 500 square miles. As you tour this park you will come across elephants or tigers along with this for a good variety of wild animals it is a home.

In the park you can’t take your private vehicle. As you can visit here by the guided tours vehicles or by the vehicles offered by the resorts which are located inside the park. For overnight accommodation you have many options as per your budget (i.e) from private cottages to bandipur safari lodge. Best time to visit Bandipur National park is on weekdays as on weekends there is so much crowd due to which sightings of animals are rare.

Last Words:

As said earlier, Indians don’t end on these 10 things. There are many more things to explore and visit here. With open hands India always welcomes their visitors to explore its every tiny root.

With the best tour agency or company you can always plan your trip so that you won’t miss any single thing. We at Ravi Tours India are always here to guide you the best for more information contact us.

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