Static and Dynamic Website – Which Is the Ideal Website?

When you are creating a website for your business, you have to know which type of website would be most suitable for your business. There are mainly two types of websites available – static and dynamic websites. You may have run across these two terms when researching website development. One of the most important decisions you should take when creating your own site is whether to use a static and dynamic website development, as it will affect how all the web pages of your site can be stored or sent to users’ browsers.

Generally, dynamic websites are quite better than a static website. There are some key differences between static and dynamic websites that make dynamic websites a little bit more efficient than static websites. In this article, we are going to tell you the definitions of static and dynamic websites and the major differences between static and dynamic websites that will help you comprehend which one is the ideal website for your business.

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What Is A Static Website?

The most fundamental kind of website is a static website that is composed of a set quantity of pre-built files kept on the web server. These pre-built documents were created using “client-side” programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS, which run within the user’s web browser. Creating a static website is very easy and you do not need to learn the difficult programming for creating this website.

Static Website

What Is A Dynamic Website?

A dynamic website is a group of dynamic web pages and the content of this website is always changing. Client-side scripting, server-side scripting, or perhaps both are used by dynamic websites to produce their dynamic content. Creating a dynamic website is a little bit tough than a static website but they are more efficient than static websites.

Dynamic Website

Major Differences between Dynamic and Static Website

Although both static and dynamic websites are beneficial for any business, dynamic websites are a little more efficient than static websites and nowadays people are preferring dynamic website development rather than static websites. Both of them have some major differences. Let us define all the key differences between dynamic and static website development so that you can easily decide which can be perfect for your business.

1. Changing of Content

The main difference between static and dynamic websites is that a dynamic website’s content can change depending on the preferences, locations, and hours of the day of various visitors. The content on dynamic web pages are automatically updated quickly.

On the other hand, a static website’s content does not change unless the website developer makes a change in the source code. Changing the content on static web pages is a bit tough and needs more time as you have to create and upload new web pages to change the content.

2. Coding

Coding of static and dynamic websites is completely different from each other. HTML is used to generate static web pages, whereas PHP, Actionscript and JavaScript are used to build dynamic web sites. Therefore, the user does not need to learn or use complicated coding to construct a static website. To create a static website, some familiarity with HTML and CSS should be sufficient.

But in order to create a dynamic website, you must learn and use some tough coding. This is another key difference between static and dynamic websites.

3. Managing Efficiency

Although static websites can be created more quickly, managing them can take more time and these websites are not so much efficient. A static website must be edited page by page, which is considerably harder to do when content on websites grows more abundant or changes more quickly.

However, dynamic websites can be managed more efficiently than static websites and they give more efficient performance than static websites. That’s why lots of people choose dynamic websites over static websites. This is one of the major differences between static and dynamic websites.

4. User Experience

The user experience of static and dynamic websites are also absolutely different from each other. On a static website, content cannot be changed frequently based on location and preferences, sometimes users cannot get their needed information. Therefore, static websites cannot create a good user experience.

On the other hand, dynamic websites can provide a better user experience than static websites since they modify content dynamically and show the required information on their pages based on the user’s interest and location. So, it is also a main difference between static and dynamic websites that makes dynamic websites much better than static websites.

5. Functionality

Dynamic websites definitely have better functionality than static websites, yet static pages can also be interactive. Static websites have a few functions. But with dynamic websites, the functionalities are endless. Hence, it is one of the key differences between static and dynamic websites that makes dynamic websites more efficient and useful.

6. Cost

This is obviously the major difference between static and dynamic websites. Static website development is a cheaper and easier process, while dynamic website development is a little bit expensive than static website development.

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There are many alternatives available when it comes to creating a website, and you need to choose the best type of website if you want to expand your business quickly and increase its brand awareness. It can be difficult to decide which one is the best website- static or dynamic, but it all depends on the budget and the goals you have for your website. Due to their numerous advantages, dynamic websites are preferred by many users. Dynamic websites improve data management efficiency and save ongoing maintenance expenses. Now it is completely your decision which you will use for your business in future.

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