How Do You Make Virtual Events More Interesting?

In the era of COVID-19, virtual events—once a specialized area of the events industry—have evolved into an essential feature of daily life, and it appears that they are here to stay! You may reach out to new markets and continue events even when circumstances change with the correct virtual event ideas and a few virtual event best practices.

The pandemic gave the majority of event professionals a crash education in producing virtual events, but it doesn’t imply it’s simple to meet demands. Event organizers must use both their own originality and industry-recognized best practices for online events in order to stay competitive and keep remote audiences interested. To keep their audience engaged during virtual events, the majority of professionals employ virtual event solutions. You have come to the right location if you want to enhance your virtual event. You will learn the greatest advice in this workshop to help you elevate your virtual event.

Best Tips To Make Your Virtual Event More Interesting And Engaging


Enable attendees and organizers to communicate in real-time. There are undoubtedly numerous questions that your visitors would wish to ask. Encourage your audience to plan online get-togethers and to connect with others who share their interests. Using a virtual event platform, attendees can have direct conversations with the organizers. For instance, participants can make requests or exchange ideas about the event there. Additionally, Workshop gives you the option to share a link to the real-time results. To be followed in real-time, for instance, on the internet or a social network.

Conduct Quizzes And Q&A Sessions

By allowing questions before, during, and after the event, you can help your virtual audience learn more about the subjects and speakers. You can select and present the most fascinating issues and questions in a workshop. Participants can discuss their opinions and favorite aspects of the questions at any time. Encourage your audience to be innovative and reward them with a prize if the Q&A went well. The best approach is to host a Q&A session using virtual event software.

Offer Networking Opportunities

The event business is beginning to place an increasing emphasis on networking. Globally, interactive virtual event apps are already a crucial resource for speakers, hosts, and attendees. Additionally, if you activate a virtual networking option, your visitors can set up profiles, schedule meetings, and exchange ideas. The success of an event depends heavily on networking. Networking areas provide speakers, sponsors, and attendees with online social spaces for interaction. Participants don’t have to forego attending just because they won’t be meeting in person. By mentioning specific hobbies and event objectives, they can find chances to contact people who share their interests.

Making sure that mobile phones are present at the event is one of the finest ways to promote networking there. The majority of the technology you already have in place will be used to promote community and maintain participant interest before, during, and after your virtual event. You may establish virtual networking opportunities with in-app talking and matchmaking capabilities. You can communicate with audiences and provide networking possibilities with the aid of virtual event services.

Demonstrate Your New Product Or Service

An engaging virtual event can help you launch a new product even if an in-person event isn’t ideal for you right now. Think about providing guests with a discount or unique gift with purchase, or organize a contest so that people may enter and possibly win the item. By requiring attendees to join the giveaway using the event hashtag, you might persuade them to share about the occasion on social media. The ideal way to showcase your new goods or services to a wide audience without any geographical limits is through virtual event platforms.

Educate Your Audience

Workshops that impart a skill to participants turn into fantastically engaging virtual events with a distinct value proposition. Think of holding a virtual guided meditation for a wellness event or a leadership seminar for a corporate event. The audience is concentrated on learning about a topic that they are interested in, making workshops particularly interesting virtual events.


Similar to in-person events, attendees may earn points and awards by interacting with your platform while at the event. They advance up the scoreboard by taking part in workshops and networking events, asking questions, responding to surveys and assessments, downloading data, participating in online scavenger hunts, and performing other tasks. Data on audience involvement might reveal attendees’ interests and priorities. Use engagement data to optimize future events and boost purchases, such as session check-ins, downloads, and participation.

Add Music

People come together through music, both physically and virtually. No matter how many people show up, host a virtual concert that allows attendees to interact with their preferred musical performers. To create a genuinely unique experience, think about incorporating VIP or behind-the-scenes choices.

Conduct Breakout Sessions

Small groups of registrants are brought together for breakout sessions to discuss particular event subjects. They can be made digitally or physically with the aid of virtual event software. With Participant Matching, you can ensure compatibility in both online and in-person breakout sessions by matching users with similar interests. Virtual attendees might choose to join their own personal video chat session. Throughout a presentation, aim to schedule a lot of breakout sessions to increase virtual engagement activities. To be more creative with your meeting engagement ideas, switch up the participants in the breakout sessions every time. It makes it easier for them to interact with you.

Host A Giveaway

Giveaways may be a fun addition to a virtual event and are always a smart way to enhance interaction with attendees. There are virtual items you can present, and you still have the option of giving guests real incentives after the event, so it’s not quite as simple as handing them their gifts. For instance, ask attendees to do specific tasks during the event or post anything about it on social media using the designated event hashtag. It benefits everyone when criteria like these are used to raise brand awareness and engage attendance.

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