NextGen EMR – Why It Is  Right For Your Practice?

If you’re interested in learning more about NextGen EMR, you can do so by reading the NextGen EMR reviews on FindEMR. The reviews of this EMR are generally positive and praise its features. In addition, it has a high online rating, which is another positive sign. If you’re not sure if NextGen EMR is right for your practice, you can contact NextGen Healthcare to request a demo.

Learn more about NextGen EMR

NextGen EMR & EPM are recognized as leaders in the industry. Their flexible, customizable platform allows you to set custom reporting and benchmarks for patient care and performance. You can even compare your practice’s performance to those of your peers and payer targets. NextGen consultants are available to help you get the most value out of your EMR system and redesign workflows.

NextGen offers two scalable EHR systems, Office and Enterprise. The enterprise version allows you to customize the system for your specialty and industry needs. It also comes with rich reporting features. Despite its many advantages, NextGen does have some drawbacks that many other EMRs suffer from, including a complex user interface, slow upgrades, and a lack of support from vendors.

NextGen offers a patient portal that allows your patients to view their health records, fill out electronic forms, and access lab results. It also has multiple online payment options, and can be accessed from a mobile device. The NextGen portal is certified by the Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

NextGen EMR includes features like MIPS reporting, automation of insurance eligibility, and appointment scheduling. It also connects care teams, makes it easy for patients to request refills, and empowers clinicians to touch notes into clinical documentation. In addition to these features, NextGen EMR also offers a patient portal, which is now required by most EMRs. NextGen EMR also helps you to reduce physician burnout.

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NextGen EMR is an electronic medical record that is easy to use and has many features that make your job easier. For example, the patient portal is a must-have for any EMR, and NextGen has one built right in. If you’re an independent hospital, you probably don’t have enough employees to do all of the administrative work, so this feature makes your job easier.

A demo of NextGen EMR can help you see for yourself all of the features and functionality that you’ll be able to use. The user interface is easy to navigate, with big icons that make navigation easy and intuitive. You can also compare the performance of your practice against the rest of the industry to see how NextGen EMR stacks up.

NextGen EMR offers a variety of customizable features that make it easy to tailor it to your practice. It also features a comprehensive patient portal that enables doctors to easily integrate patient information and communicate with patients. Patients can also schedule appointments and telehealth visits directly through the software. Doctors can also customize their workflows to suit their specific needs, and they can view patient records from anywhere.

NextGen offers a cloud-based EHR designed for private practices. It includes specialty-specific content, a claims clearinghouse, a patient portal, and a revenue cycle management system. The platform is compatible with all devices and browsers, is HIPAA-compliant, and enables practices to easily manage their patients’ health.

Contact NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare offers EHR/EMR software solutions that can improve the quality of your care and free up your staff to focus on patient care. Their state-of-the-art tools help doctors and nurses document faster and more accurately, ensuring timely reimbursement. They also support value-based care and help reduce risk. Contact NextGen Healthcare for more information about their solutions. Let us help you make the right decision for your practice.

Whether you need NextGen EMR software for your practice or are looking for a partner who offers a variety of NextGen solutions, you can trust NextGen Healthcare’s award-winning solutions and support. Their NextGen(r) Enterprise EHR is customizable, features intuitive workflows, and incorporates telehealth. It also comes with NextGen(r) Mobile, allowing providers to access patient records and EHR from a smartphone. Plus, NextGen(r) Mobile is designed for easy upgrades. Lastly, NextGen(r) Enterprise PM offers patient registration, eligibility verification, and pre-service financial clearance.

Final Opinion

If you’re planning to implement NextGen, make sure you have a professional implementation team with the experience and expertise to make your project a success. They will help you understand the features of NextGen, identify potential pitfalls, and develop workarounds. In this way, you’ll be prepared to go live with the software, enhancing your capabilities and maximizing your financial savings.

NextGen Mobile allows your team to capture more accurate documentation during patient visits, and it integrates with most EHRs. Its mobile compatibility makes it possible for physicians to practice anywhere and anytime. It also makes the billing process faster and easier. It helps improve productivity, reduces denials, and boosts revenue.


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