What is keyword? 9 Types Of Keywords

What is keyword?

When someone creates a new website and before submitting a blog to that website, you need to know what is keyword and the types of keywords.

In a search engine Like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc when a “Word” is written to find information, that “Word” is referred to as Keyword. If the keyword is used well in a blog, there are good benefits in less time.

When a user types “what is keyword” into a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, let’s take a closer look at this. And you have added this keyword to your blog And if you do SEO. So the chances of your website appearing on the first page in the SERP increase.


9  Types of keywords

Short-Tail Keyword:

Broad phrases that individuals frequently utilize in their searches are known as short-tail keywords. These often have one or two words. They are less precise search phrases due to their length. Short-tail keywords include terms like “Bike” or “Digital Marketing,” for instance.

Mid-Tail Keyword:

The mid-tail provide a balance between the traffic-producing long-tail keywords and the high-ranking short-tail keywords. For instance, if the long-tail keyword is “Buy Cack in discount price” and the short-tail keyword is “Cack,” the mid-tail keyword will be “buy Cack.” People who are looking for information but aren’t quite ready to take action on the search results are often the target audience for these search phrases.

Long-Tail Keyword:

Long-tail keywords are less prevalent than short- or mid-tail ones since they are more precise. The principal subject or “head term” of the majority of blogs and websites. Typically, this phrase is utilized to create a detailed, lengthy keyword.

Since these keywords are specialized, they have an extremely high conversion rate. Even though they could see far fewer search results, most people who use such particular search phrases are already certain they need to complete the transaction. Long-tail keywords are therefore effective SEO strategies and, when created properly, nearly always result in an audience.

Example:- Digital marketing used for business

Informational Keyword:

This is used to find business and product information. you can use this to resolve users’ queries.

Example:- What is Digital Marketing

Transactional keyword:

This is mostly used for people with an e-commerce business. This is used to create buyer targeted. Words like “Buy” and “Get” are used more in this.

Example:- Buy a Digital Marketing Online course

Primary Keyword:

This is also known as focus or main keyword as. That is used on the website in Meta Title, Meta Description as well as the first paragraph of the blog, etc.

LSI Keyword:

The focus of content marketing during the early stages of SEO was keyword density. The repetition of the terms discovered on a page would be the only factor used by search engines to establish what the page was about.

For instance, if the term “glass repair” appeared frequently on a website, Google would infer that the page’s subject was glass repair. By using latent semantic indexing (LSI) to comprehend context at a deeper level, Google is now able to determine what the overall topic of your website is about.

Exact Match Keywords:

These keywords have a connection to short-tail keywords. Advertisers whose ads only appear when a user types in an exact word are frequently targeted using an exact match. These terms are auctioned off by advertisers, and search engines like Google and Bing utilize them to target specific populations with adverts.

A company can target customers who look for an exact term or a closely related variation by using exact match keywords. The likelihood of a conversion is ten times higher as a result. These typically come with paid services like Google AdSense.

Negative keyword:

This are thought of as being totally opposed to phrase matches. They stop your advertisement from appearing when a specific keyword is entered into the search criteria. Another name for it is a “negative match.”

Google itself uses this as an example: If “free” is added as a negative keyword, then any searches using that term will not return results for your company. Google is less likely to place your ad on a page with such keywords even if you ask them to.

Importance Of keyword:

Search engines may locate businesses and the subjects, terminology, and information that will be useful to those looking for such things by using keywords, which are particular words or phrases.

In order for a company to be found, understood, and acted upon, the appropriate keywords must be incorporated into all searchable content, such as the company website, blogs, newsletters, and social media content.


I hope that in this blog you have got to know the information like What is Keyword, the Types of keywords and Importance of keywords, etc.  A keyword is a term that is searched for in a search engine like google, yahoo, Bing, etc. The short tail has more competition and should not be used until it is necessary. Also, long-tail provides the most accurate information. and using these keywords also provide fast result than other keywords. Also, informational Keyword is used to provide information. Information has been given about a total of 9 such keywords. Which can be very useful for you.

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